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How to record the screen of your Android phone in a simple way

How to record the screen of your Android phone in a simple way

How to record the screen of your Android phone in a simple way

Video and image dominate all social networks today. Because of which it is very common to share screenshots of our mobile phones. But, what if we need to record a video with which to show the full range of tasks? We teach you to record screen in Android.

Record screen on Android: When you need to share many things.

Why record your Android phone screen? You may need to share a large range of functions that include a logical sequence. The static image and the moving image have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to have the tools to use them all.

On Android, some phones offer their own integrated solutions to do this, just as they do with screenshots. However, it is not available on all devices, so we teach you to record the screen of any Android phone with an application that does not even need root.

AZ Screen Recorder: Record Everything Without Problems
AZ Screen Recorder is an app that has a free version and paid pro version with ads that removes them and adds some video editing features. Once installed, it will ask for permission to be displayed on other applications, something required to use it. Provide it (it will link you a tutorial if you don’t know how to do it) and a bubble will appear with the tool to start recording. Click on the video camera and start capturing everything happening on your mobile.

Multimedia controls appear in the notification panel, with the help of which you can stop or stop the recording completely. Once you are finished, you will see an advertisement and the possibility to see what you have recorded and, if you have paid for the Pro version, cut the video or convert it to a GIF. You can also create a simple screen capture or frames from a video. From the same bubble, you can access settings from where you can configure several issues, mainly video quality. The resolution limit will be marked by your screen.

Another interesting option offered by AZ Screen Recorder is to create your own brand of water. This way you can enter the name or logo you choose, in addition to choosing the size and color of the source so that it does not disturb the video too much. A simple way to ensure everything we entered.